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The Wind Relieving Pose Strengthens

Recline on your back among your feet together and arms by your body.

• Breathe in and as you exhale, bring your top knee towards your ribs and press the thigh on your belly with gripped hands.

• Breathe in repeatedly and as you exhale, raise your head and breast off the ground and reach your chin to your right knee.

• Keep it there, as you take deep breaths out and in.

• Checkpoint: As you exhale, squeeze the grip of the hands on the knee and build a pressure on the breast. As you inhale, release the grip. 

• As you breate out, come back to the mat and rest.

• Repeat this pose with the left leg and then with both the legs together.

• You may rock up and down or roll from side to side 3-5 times and then relax.


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