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In Order To Succeed... We Must First Believe That WE CAN!"

Have you ever imagined of doing something but thought…."I can't do it, I am not skilled at that, other people are more qualified at it than me, I don't have what it demands, I'm going to collapse for sure"…. and so on. This is negative self-talk that continuously works like a tape recorder in our brains and blocks us from reaching our goal. 

Just like a tape recorder we can push the stop button, delete the negative messages, and tape different messages that enable us to squash those negatives voices and develop new and positive messages that tell us; "we can do it, we are skilled enough, we have what it demands!"

I have been inspired by many to seek a particular dream and was reminded lately that everything we need is within us.

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to arrive. Make it occur, and make your own fate. Make your own dream and make your own love.


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