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"Learn to be Calm, and you will always... 
be Happy!"
- Paramahansa Yogananda
Meditating in Nature

and you will always

be Happy! ☺


   Do you ever see how some people continuously seem to have it together? They're calm and happy with both feet purposefully planted on the ground, even amidst the turbulence. Like a mountain that is tall and strong, they overcome the many storms that come to their direction. They explore out blessings and uncover them like the charming hidden gems that they are. Magic seems to get them each day, inviting a genuine smile to mingle their lips.

Others, not so much. When similar agitation is thrown their way, they tend to undergo more difficulty dealing with the disturbance. Stress levels increase when life chucks its curve balls at them. The silver lining is challenging for them to see in the smog as they struggle to find their joy and feel lost in their situation.

 It's easy to say "Look on the shiny side," or "Keep a confident mindset" so that everyone can be a member of the happy-go-lucky group. But sometimes in the throes of life, we misremember just how important we are in creating our future.

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